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How To Get Your Own Payoneer Master Card Free

Monday, July 19, 2010 , Posted by Shan at 11:27 AM

I have found some Site where you can get your own Payoneer Master Card for free Register at registration is free. Actually you can also earn in oDesk is a legit site that provide jobs coming from Employer registered to them. You can work to as a freelancer to them what you need to do is find a Employer that give you a job that fit you most.

How to Apply for a Payoneer Master Card.

Already registered:
1. Click on Payments
2. Click on Payment Methods
3. You will see a list of Payment Methods there and the first one is Apply for Payoneer Master Card. Just fill up the application and submit to payoneer after wait for the message on your email if you had been Approve. For US 10 days before you receive the mail with the card and for outside US 20 days you can receive your card.

Jobs Available


1. Register as a Freelancer and fill all the fields that you need to fill.

2. Verify your account.

3. Take the test [NOTE: Taking the test will make your chances to get hired by the Employers so take some Test on odesk]

4. When all things done you can start finding your job and start Earning!

5. Done Withdraw your Earnings!

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