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Tuesday, August 10, 2010 , Posted by Shan at 2:26 AM

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Redgage is a Web Site that pays you for the content you create. This can be blog post, videos, photos, links, or Document. Once you have posted your content you need to receive views in order to start adding to the money you can earn on RedGage. Here are some ways to get more views to your RedGage images and content.

Add friends to your RedGage account. The more friends you have the more likely they will comment on your RedGage uploads.

Once you are approved as a friend be sure to post a message on your new friends wall and let them know you will be enjoying and commenting on their photos and content.

Comment on other RedGage users contents, photos, blogs, and information. By doing this you are making others aware that you are interested in what they are doing this will make them more likely to check out what you have been posting.

Submit your RedGage content and photos to social media sites such as Twitter, Digg,, among others. This will inform others about the interesting posts you have on the web site.

If you have a Twitter account with a few followers be sure to let them know everytime you upload new photos or content. This way you will be able to receive more viewers.

Share your content with other by sending out emails, posting on forums, or creating links to your RedGage account.

If you have a blog or a Web site be sure to create links to you photos, videos, and content on RedGage in order to receive more views. You can also copy and paste your RedGage links to search engines such as Google and Yahoo in order to receive more hits.

Suggestions and Tips

*Make sure to let others know about your RedGage account. While other will posts comments, you can put your links on several places such as Twitter, Yahoo Buzz, Blogs, Forums and social media outlets.

Try not to post spam or advertisement on your account. Instead share your knowledge and photos with others.

Hope this post can help you to make more earnings on Redgage.

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