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Ragnarok Premade Wallpaper

Monday, June 21, 2010 , Posted by Shan at 1:10 PM

Hi i made a wallpaper of Ragnarok if you like you can download it.
This image is what i use on my own private server Ragnarok!

and I'm also available for people who need some help on making there private server if you have some question you can ask. But if you want me to make you your own private server it is not free.
If you want me to create the features of it are listed below.

Ragray folder all data

Latest SVN [TRUNK] with Renewal

Custom item

-Butterfly Wing
-Angel Wing
-Phaser Wings
-Rose Ring

Custom mob
1-2 custom mob

-Chun Lee

So far that's the custom i will be giving to all.

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