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BOLT Browser for PH Only!

Saturday, July 17, 2010 , Posted by Shan at 3:54 AM

Bolt Browser complete settings


Read Every Details.

Make an Access Point First

Access Point Name: Proxy: or or Port: 80
Since im using 5320xm, settings > phone settings > connection > destination > make a new access point.

After we make access point. Open Bolt for configure the tricks for the Operator Trick Menu.

From Operator Select Custom1  Leave all the queries blank Use Proxy Select HTTP Proxy server:

Open Bolt Then piliin naten yung access point na ginawa para sa Bolt.

After Successful Installation Accept Bolt's Terms of Service.

Yan Ready to Browse na. Disable HTTPS sa bolt > Menu > Preferences. unmark mo yung HTTPS para makapag login kayo tulad dito sa Symbianize.

For Downloading Just click the Download Link of the file that you want to Download. Then choose a folder that you want to save it.

Just wait until it starts to download and wait till its finished. May Download Manager siya you can download a Multiple downloads.

Direct Download
For S40 download the prov file na nakaattached, extract it, then send the .prov on your S40 phones via bluetooth. You will recieve a Configuration settings. Set it as a default configuration settings.

For Smart you can use a CGI trick.

If you are having a problem in editing when it comes to 6630 and 6680 used Bolt HandlerUI121 then check the Cgi for Globe and how should use it.

Download jar files or any file type.
Credits to DevilSoul

Since Im using 5320xm. In my built-in browser. Go to Internet > Web > Options > Settings > General > Access Point, make it always ask.

Here's the trick. In Bolt when you download there is a option
Save, Open, Save as. Choose OPEN then go in your Built-in Browser then it will ask for your access point to use, choose the access point for Bolt then wait it will automatically start downloading.

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